Hello My Name Is...

Sarah Burey
Sarah Burey

Hi everyone!

This is my first year here at Bear Creek Elementary. I was previously a Student Advocate Counselor at Heritage Middle; prior to that, I have had experience as a middle school teacher, elementary counselor, and Early Childhood counselor in Irving. I have three young kids, and my husband is also an educator. We love spending time at our kids’ sports events and being outside and active as much as possible!

Starting my seventeenth year in education, I am excited to serve in this new role as a connection between home and school for parents and students! I will focus on facilitating family-to-family support, establishing and sharing a network of community resources, increasing family participation in decision-making, equipping families with tools to enhance learning, and supporting our staff with best practices in family engagement.

Please feel free to contact me if you ever need any support for your student or your family or if you would like to volunteer at the school. I am so looking forward to partnering with you and seeing you at future school events!