Image of Bear Creek's No Excuses University logo
NEU @ Bear Creek


Bear Creek Elementary is proud to be a part of the No Excuses University network of schools. We are one of 250 schools across the country that believe every child deserves the opportunity to be educated in a way that prepares them for college. Academics are an important part of NEU, just like LEAD 2021. Every day in every classroom you’ll will see students and teachers working together so everyone can be successful.

image of students showing their college pride for Boulder University


NEU and Bear Creek believe that all students should be proficient or advanced in reading, writing, and math. NEU schools exhibit a culture of universal achievement by believing in students. They collaborate, plan, assess, analyze, and teach around that belief.

There are signs of college culture all around our campus:
   ● college flags in the hallways
   ● each classroom has an adopted university
   ● talking about college in our classrooms
   ● college of the week highlighted on KBCE
   ● wearing college shirts on Fridays
We have even turned Student Showcase Night into a tailgate party!

Our monthly pep rallies celebrate Bear Creek and our colleges. They are led by a different grade level each month and often include learning about character traits or highlighting great student efforts. There are always classes wearing their university’s colors and shouting out their cheers. We’ve had the Masked Rider from Texas Tech University visit...on his horse!

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